Santa Maria, CA: Environment Design (Unreal Engine)
- Sourced real-world GIS data via USGS to build accurate game environment of Santa Maria, CA area. Used L3DT to convert RAW terrain data to Image to Heightmap to Unreal Engine
Game Design, Landscape Design
Character Switch: POV Switch Mechanic Game Prototype
- Used C++ Visual Scripting to Prototype Time-Freezing Character Switch Game Mechanic in Unreal Engine for Dual-Minded 3D Puzzle-solving
Game Design
Abstract: Drawn Away (Minimal Art Horror Game Concept)
Directed artist to build game level prototypes representing minimal, artistically torturous realms for artistic horror game prototype.
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Game Design
Picking Up In-Game Objects w/ Physics Handles (UE4)
- Visually scripted logic for physics handle to pick up in-game objects in real time and manipulate accordingly
Game Design
Machinations: FPS Multiplayer Project Concepting
Directed creative scope of small team of 4 to concept a multiplayer online first-person shooter game to consider budgeting development in support of a fiction IP.
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Game Design
Binaria: FPS Puzzler Mobile Game White Box
- White boxed mobile first-person puzzler game level, set triggers, cinematics, item pickup/drop mechanics, AI Nav Meshes, touch controls, etc
Game Design
Horror Game Basics: Triggered Spooky Animations (UE4)
- Built Whitebox Prototype of Horror Game Staircase Level, Used Unreal Engine 4's Matinee to Keyframe Animate Triggered "Scare" Events
Game Design
Bunker Guard: AI Behavior Tree & Debug via Raytrace
- Used C++ Visual Scripting to Script AI Patrol Guard Attacker Logic, Set Raytrace Debugger to Debug AI's Behavior in Whitebox Prototype Level Designs
Game Design
Game Design Scripting: Blueprint Visual Scripting, UE4
Learned core game development mechanics in visual scripting form of C++ language in Unreal Engine 4.
Game Design, Programming, UI/UX
Game Pickups: Fatigue and Battery Drain Systems
- Established fatigue/battery drain system for platformer game prototype, plus pickups to replenish both systems.
Game Design
Naroth: English Game Dialogue Writing Overhaul
Rewrote entire game dialogue story system of open-world RPG for Android over period of 7 months.
Game Design, Writing, Creative Direction
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