Motion Graphics & Compositing: Borderlands Cosplay Convention Showcase Video
This portfolio piece contains COARSE LANGUAGE, SUGGESTIVE THEMES & WEAPON SOUNDS / CARTOON GORE (as is the nature of the Borderlands video game franchise it emulates.) For these reasons it may be considered Not Safe For Work.
Composited and used 3-axis key-frame animation on graphic elements such as text, brushes, and more. Video features Borderlands-stylized text, dialogue & effects, including dynamic gun flare effects, blood splatter effects, and many animated text overlays.Other effects are subject isolation masking, stylized line tracing ("cel shading") to match the art style of the Borderlands 2 game, and so on.
In-progress shot of workspace where just one of the Borderlands-style text overlays is being composited in Adobe After Effects.
Detail of frame where a cosplayer was opacity-masked out of source video footage, applied cel shading appearances to give illustrated look, and then keyframe animated to give paper-doll movement to the shot.

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