Art Direction: Prototype level designs for "Abstract: Drawn Away" indie art game concept.
Abstract: Drawn Away is a minimal abstract art horror game concept based on temptation toward seven torturous realms which served to taint the player's pure starting world by drawing them away into the depths of corruption.
Above, a game design Trello board for organizing elements of content & gameplay mechanics in each torturous realm from most alluring to most damaging to the player when lured away from the initial blank canvas realm, Immakula. The bottoms of these lists define the horrific true nature of each of these 7 realms poised to challenge players who would endure them before reaching the ending realm of darkness—Malevenge.
Immakula, the initial white realm of Abstract: Drawn Away represents unspoiled virtue and blank canvases in art. These concept level designs were created by art directing absurdist artist & designer Axel Shokk.
Macabrea, a realm based on death, evil, possession, and physical suffering.
Psydelerium, a maddening realm of mania, delusion, illusion & neurosis. This WIP image, of course, was least complete. 

Another image was excluded from this gallery since it was of the game's Sensorium realm, which represented lust & carnality. This level was most complete but unfortunately less safe-for-work than ideal for this portfolio website.

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